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Miami Muscle

Miami Muscle is more than a simple used car network that provides enthusiasts a wide selection of American made muscle cars. Miami Muscle provides timeless classics built or rebuilt with a standard of quality you can trust. The company was started in 1999 as a collection of North American Muscle cars. As the collection grew so did its popularity, car lovers were asking for the cars or for us to find them the cars of their dreams. With a great connection in the Southern US we were able to fulfil these dreams and Miami Muscle was off and running

This company was built on passion and that is how business is approached to this day. At Miami Muscle we provide quality vehicles from all over North America and have built relationships with other muscle car enthusiasts so that we can provide you with the best service. Our affilitation with APC Auto Parts Centres gives us access to thousands of hard to find parts.

Whether you are looking for mint condition vintage muscle car, a car to rebuild yourself, or quality OEM or aftermarket performance parts, we have the resources to find it. Contact Miami Muscle Your Muscle Car Headquarters.

Contact Ivor or John @ 519.777.9879 or 519.617.4067